The 2nd. Web Standards Day was held in Oakwood Hotel, Seoul on Dec. 2th. It was sponsored by KIPA, NCsoft Openmaru and Daum Communications and branch event of Annual SoftExpo Conference.

It has two events Part I, official conference with general sessions and Part II, discussion session with dinner. In part I, Mr. Kazuhito Kidachi, one of WaSP member gave a lecture Web Standards: The Right Tool for the Right Job about history and philosophy of Web Standards. Most of attendee were invited people from governmental organizations. He explained why web standards are important and necessary. It was very helpful for them to make their public web sites.

Mr. Channy Yun spoke The Future of Web Standards, HTML5 for the recent standards activities by W3C and WHATWG and also explained detailed specifications of W3C’s XHTML2 and WHATWG’s HTML5. It was very technical issues, but some of developers got useful informations.

Part II, there are three subject to discuss after good dinner provided by Oakwood Hotel. They are (1) Saving cost by Web Standards, (2) Roles of Web Publisher(a.k.a Front-end Engineer) (3) To persuade standards to others. There are many funny and useful experiences by attendee.

You can feel atmosphere from photos by Okoru, Yeoni, Kidachi, Suman Park and Nmind.

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