The Open Web made a community to fix the discriminative treatment of public services to non-IE and non-Windows users. Most of public services has offered only ActiveX based national certification service. By the law of digital signature, official CAs must not reject certification services to all people. But, CAs has done to non-IE and non-Windows users. Prof. Kim, law professor indicated this point. In last year, he gathered pre-accusers and and proposed to fix this situation to Ministry of Information and Communication. The officer said to try to do that, but, there was no reaction of government for six month.

At last, Open Web, with 83 netizens behind had filed a lawsuit against Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, one of official CAs with damage claim of $460,000 on the January 24th, 2007.

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You can read more detail in Web Security Certificate Issuer Preps $10mil Lawsuit with Korean Administration and KFTC and MOGAHA to be sued before Vista releases of ZDNEt Korea’s article. The KFTC had over 80% market share in official CAs and was made by korean banks. Most of banks has used KFTC’s internal network and infra-system.

Recently there was a court arbitration between OpenWeb and KFTC. The KFTC insisted that supporting of all O/S and browsers is impossible and costly expensive. But, the judge demanded the settlement in each other, if OpenWeb suggests the proper range, deadline and cost, the KFTC must accept that. The OpenWeb will require alternative technology such as Java applet (e.g. OpenOCES in Danish for Firefox, Opera and Safari users in other operating systems within eight months.

Whereas, the Ministry of Government and Home Affairs decided to renewal of E-gov site. I’ll continually follow up this lawsuit and progression of government.