The Web Accessibility Seminar was held on Nov. 29th by Web Accessibility Lab of KADO. Over 300 people were attended in this workshop. There were various subject related to accessibility issues.

General Session
- Web Accessibility and Yahoo!’s efforts (Jinsoo Kim, Yahoo! Korea)
- Internet Uses of Blind People (Jungho Kim, Xvision Tech.)
- Examples and Standards (Prof. Seokil Kim, Chungbuk National Univ.)
- Considerations along the site production (Woncheol Shin, Cake Soft)

Practice Session
- (1) Recognitional Alternatives (Junho Hyun, KADO)
- (2) Operable Convenience (Hoon Cho, Daum Commerce)
- (3) Understandable Contents and Controls (Greg Shin, LG Electornics)
- (4) Advanced Technology (Hyeonseok Shin, Cidow)

All lecture notes are provided by PDF files. Some of contents contain korean language, but you can understand contents in general.