Our members plan to various education schedule for Web Standards.

Web Standards in Practice

Mr. Suman Park, CEO of DoubleTrack starts five workshops for web designers and UI developers with code practice from Sep. 25th to Dec. 8th. As you know, Suman is the korean author of Web Standards Solution and Bulletproof Web Design. It is supported by Open Source Support Center of KIPA (Korean IT industry Promotional Agency).


  • 1st: Sep. 22th~23th for 25 people
  • 2st: Oct. 26th~27th for 25 people
  • 3st: Oct. 28th~29th for 25 people
  • 4st: Nov. 16th~17th for 25 people
  • 5st: Dec. 7th~8th for 25 people

Day 1

  • Web and Web Standards (3 hours)
  • Semantic Mark-up (1 hours)
  • The basic of CSS (1 hours)
  • XHTML & CSS Practice (2 hours)

Day 2

  • Website Practice (4 hours) - a construction of sample site
  • DOM Scripting (2 hours)
  • Q&A and Discussion (1 hours)

You can see photo of students in education center by Suman Park.

One Day Web Standards Coursework

Mr. Hyeonseok Shin also gives one day workshop for Web Standards with korea.internet.com in Oct. 12th.


  • 10:00~10:50 Web and Web Standards
  • 11:00~12:00 Semantic Mark-up with XTHML
  • 13:00~14:00 Design with Standards (Separation between structure and presentation, CSS Selector, Doctype and Rendering, CSS Hack)
  • 14:10~15:00 Behavior (Document Object Model and Unobtrusive Javascript)
  • 15:10~16:40 Practice Tips (Layout: float vs. position, Menu with lists and various content markup such as heading, paragraph)
  • 16:50~18:00 Practice Process (Shopping mall and planning of web pages)

Global Web Expert Workshop

The TeamInterface, one of UI educational center will host Global Web Expert Workshop from Sep. 25th to 26th. Mr. Hyeonseok Shin and Hoon Joh gives lectures related to Web standards. Another subjects are related to Web Accessibility.