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7th KWAG Workshop

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There was 7th KWAG workshop held at one of NHN’s training centers. KWAG is a voluntarily gathered non-profit, and non-government group of people who share the interest in enhancing Web accessibility in Korea, and this workshop is a kind-of unconference which has no fixed form but the content of the meeting is freely created by […]

Korea Web Accessibility Group

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It was interesting essay made Korea Web Accessibility Group by some of expert s of web standards. It had several meeting to study web accessibility from September, 2006.

Hooney, one of the participants proposed a name of this group: KWAG, Korea Web Accessibility Group. They shared and studied together in the following fields: history of […]

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The Web Standards Korea is the standard evangelism group for universal access and trust of web in Korea. We engage various evangelism activities including community, education, documentation, lecture and governmental relationship for standard issues.

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