Some members of Webstandards Korea have engaged Northeast Asia Open Source Software promotion Forum was formed by China, Korea and Japan governments and regional organizations for Open source software promotion. Because there were many issues of web interoperability in north east Asia, it have been hard to promote open source web browsers based on as like Gecko or Webkit engine.

They have been activities of NEAOSS working group 3 for 3 years and we closed our activities and summarized the status of China, Japan and Korea.

As following presentation was presented in 8th NEAOSS Forum in Tokyo.

Of course, many issues still were solved yet as like Active-control based Internet banking and e-commerce sites. But, for 3 years, many good signals were produced on three countries.

As following is the photo of Korean members: Hyeonseok Shin (Opera Software Korea), Channy Yun (Daum) and Hoon Cho (Dibidib)