I believe technology communities are very important to lead web industry and always think it needs open space freely to discuss without any burden. So I have tried to make un-conference style meeting as like BarCamp Seoul and gather technology people in this industry since last year. At last my efforts have come to fruition. It was Web Applications Confernece 2007 on June 21th. 2007. It is very similar motif Future of Web Applications Confernece, but the format is completely different.

It was originated by small tutorial session of NGWEB 2006 in last year. The Web Applicaions Workshop shared techniques about Ajax, Ruby, Widgets and Adobe Flex. There were over 200 web developers. It’s new technical changes in this era, i.e. rich web such as Ajax, and rich internet such as Adobe AIR, Microsoft Sliverlight and various widgets, and lightweight web framework. Afterwards, I earned many previous people in my community, Web 2.0 W/G, Future web forum and Web Standards Community.

Many colleagues of vendors in my community were willing to help my plan of open technical festival. Over 10 companies decided to sponsor this conference. This conference was basically volunteer based event, unpaid program committee, but total number of registrant was 1,063 people.

This conference consisted of three parts of programs i.e technical workshop in the morning, main conference in the afternoon and vision festival in the night for 13 hours. Many people was worried about full day conference, in fact, there remained only about 200 people in the night. But, people can meet many chance to satisfy own needs in tutorial, lecture, demonstration, panel discussion, coding lab and sponsors cafe.

The five workshops was very helpful for people to get concrete concept and tips. It included Ajax and Web Standards, Future of Rich Internet, Web 2.0 tutorial, Open APIs and Mashup. Especially it was very popular to treat minor web framework such as TurboGears, Erlang and Seaside. It was progressed with real-time coding laboratory.

In 2008, this event also held on 26th, October 2008 and joined Joel Spolsky as a keynote speakers and Launchpad with 15 startup companies and three workshop included Ajax and Web Standards, Future of Rich Internet, Web 2.0 tutorial, Open APIs and Mashup too.

The trend of Web standards changes to application based services and we will support continually.