There was an event called Browser War Episode II presented by the Silicon Valley WebBuilder on Feb.28. It brought together Mike Shaver from Mozilla, Chris Wilson from Microsoft’s IE team, H?kon Lie from Opera, and expertly moderator Douglas Crockford from Yahoo! to talk about the current state of the browser landscape.

Another vendor summit will be held in Korea to discuss future of web applications and review of korean situations.

(Mar. 8, 2007, Seoul, Korea) The Global Web Technology Workshop will be held by the Future Web Forum (FWF) on March 16 at the Textile Center Bldg. in Samsungdong, Seoul, Korea. The FWF is a web expertgroup for the adoption of global web technologies and standards within the Korean web industry. The FWF consists of experts with over10 years of experience in Microsoft Korea, Apple Korea, OperaSoftware Korea and Web Standards.

This event is officially supported by Microsoft Korea, Mozilla Corporation and Opera Software Korea. In this workshop, Mr. Channy Yun of the Mozilla Korean Community will speak about Firefox 3 and rich web applications as well WHATWG activites. Mr. Goodhyun Kim of Microsoft Korea will speak about Windows Vista and multi-platform UX. Mr. Suyong Wang of Apple forum will explain the Safari Browser and the difficulties Macintosh users have on the Korean web environment. Finally Mr. Manyoung Cho of Opera Korea will introduce the Opera browser, Opera Widgets and Opera’s web standards evangelism efforts.

In a panel discussion, these experts will discuss the trends of global web technologies and the Korean situation caused by ActiveX incompatibility issues on Microsoft Windows Vista after eachpresentations. They will become this issue in view of outsider and global terms show screen casts of examples in internet banking and e-governments site in abroad.

This event will be helpful to explain global standards and the abnormal situation of the Korean Internet to decision makers in the Korean government and the Korean IT industry. The event is free.