It was held W3c Korea Workshop in ETRI Daejeon, Korea in June 26, 2005. This workshop was focused on web standard and it’s application.

Channy Yun from Daum Communication R&D Center has given a presentation on W3C trend and Korea. He described the current situation of Korean web and emphasized the importance of complying with the web standards. Korea has confronted with rapid development of internet industrialization which caused application development based on the web without referring W3C specifications. People’s major concern was on cost and efficiency rather than web for everybody. This caused rapid spread of plug-ins which is weak in security but easy to implement.

The W3C’s specifications emphasize web supporting different devices, browsers, platforms, but expansion of Korean web in the absence of W3C specifications resulted less interoperability and duplicated investment of website development. Web standards separate the structure and representation of its implementation, and it allows differently designed websites with single html code. (i.e. html for planners, css for designers, dom for developers) This characteristic of web standard provides flexibility.

Korea now has acknowledged the importance and efficiency of web standards conformation and is encouraging developers to comply with W3C standards. Web standards implementation will act as a catalyst of faster website development where no need of different type of web browsers consideration, collaborative developer-designer relationship, reducing QA time by automatic validation, global business implementation, reduced website maintenance cost, and decreased loading time. TTA, which is a standardization organization of Korea, is planning to develop web standards based website development guideline, and the government is incorporating web standards conformation status for the website evaluation indicator.

The current trend of web includes topics of ubiquitous, mobile web contents, DMB, mobile internet, Web Services, emerging web, and so on. The trend of Korean web follows the trend of W3C and it is important to recognize the importance of keeping eye on standards for achieving market dominance.